Cheerleading Birthday Cards

Our Cheerleading Birthday Cards were tons of fun to design.  We imagine the excitement of the young girl that receives this card while we design it and try and make it as great as we possibly can.  We think you will agree that these cards are very neat.  One of the first things the birthday girl will notice is that here name appears on the card.  The second thing she might notice is that her age appears on the card too.  Both these things will make the card you purchase special to her.  But, to top it off, the graphics on the card can be made to match her skin tone and hair color too.  That is a trifecta for awesome for any young girl.  And we haven't even gotten to the fact that every card includes at least one game or activity.  The one game that the Basic card has is an "Explore this Card" game on the back.  We've also created  a Coloring Page Card, a Word Search Card, and a Deluxe Birthday Card that includes all the above and a maze too!  Simply amazing!

See the bottom of this page for small sample images of all our Cheerleader graphics.  We can insert any of these into a card for you if you desire.  Just contact us via email or ZChat, a messaging system, not instant help and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

These cards are sold, printed and shipped via a third party company called Zazzle.  We chose them for a variety of reasons.  The most important is their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Second is the high quality paper and top notch print quality on our cards.  The third, and most fun, is the ability for the customer to personalize our designs.  Each of these cards allows you to enter the birthday child's name and age with ease.  We have also set up each card to allow you to change the birthday wish inside the card if you desire.

As we have given our cards to kids and adults alike, we know without a doubt that the person you give one of these cards to will love it!  We hope you and the birthday child in your life does too!

Basic Cheerleading Birthday Card
Cheerleading Coloring Page Birthday Card
Cheerleading Word Search Birthday Card
Deluxe Coloring Page, Word Search and Maze Card

Below are the little cheerleader graphics that we can currently swap into an existing card design so that the characters skin tone and hair color better relates to the birthday girl.  If you would like us to make a swap for you, please email us or contact us through ZChat and we would be happy to help.  Please allow 48 hours for us to respond.


Please be kind enough to write a review for our cards at Zazzle once the birthday child has received them.

Zazzle has a shipping program called Zazzle Black.  It usually offers a 30 day free trial.