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Hello World! We are Pacifier City Cards | Specializing in the creation of amazing children's cards.

It was some time ago that we discovered that we had a talent for making really fun kids cards. After discovering this talent, we needed a home for our cards. We had and have no intention of printing and selling from our home. With a bit of poking around, we discovered a place named Zazzle, a print on demand company, and opened a store there.

There were three things that made this company stand out amongst the others we looked at. The first thing is that the Zazzle design space has the ability to allow text and image templates. This mean that we can design cards and allow you to do things like add the birthday child's name and age to the card and we can allow you to enter a personal message on our cards instead of the birthday wishes we create for them. It also means that we can do really neat things like allow you to enter the birthday child's name in a word search. The second thing that we really like about Zazzle is that you can design on every fold of the card. So many print on demand companies only allow you to design on the cover, and we did not like that. The third thing a brought us to Zazzle was the quality of the card that one receives. We have ordered almost every card we have designed for merchandising purposes and they have always come out great! Now our cards have a home!

Once we opened the store, the next step was to fill it with cards. And fill it we have! Our

first cards were simple cards that were designed from cover to cover. They were cute and generally nice cards. What made them stand out was simply the fact that every fold was designed on. Plus the personalizing abilities described above. While we were happy with these, we felt they could be so much better.

After hours of tinkering around, we figured out how to create a word search were the card buyer can add the birthday child's name into the word search for the child to find! Then we decided to add coloring pages and mazes to cards. We also decided to add an Explore this Card" game on the back of the card. Since those decisions were made, we have also added a few other games on our cards that are theme orientated. But here is the point. After opening gifts, the birthday child comes back to the card we created to color the coloring page, to do the word search or complete the maze, etc. Parents have reported up to 45 minutes of time spent playing with our cards. That's pretty cool!

We have a great product! It's been proven. Several parents have even shared with us that their child took the card they received to school for show and tell! How great is that! If you have a child in your life whose birthday is coming up soon, please take a moment to explore out cards. You may just find an amazing card to the birthday child!

We love hearing from parents and grandparents about how the card was received. We will also swap characters on our cards for free. Just reach out to us via Zazzle Chat system, a messaging platform, not instant help, and we would be happy to help!

Here's to giving a birthday child in your life an amazing card for their upcoming birthday!

JB Kids Card Creator

~ The Pacifier City Cards Crew ~


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