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About Us

We design from a multi generational household and we LOVE making cards for children.  Our cards stand out from any that you might find in a retail store for the following reasons.  Our cards are designed from cover to cover with fun, colorful age appropriate graphics.  They allow you to enter the child's name, age and sometimes something like a uniform number, and they are printed right on the card!  Kids are amazed by this.  As the card purchaser, you can enter a custom birthday wish or holiday greeting instead of keeping ours.  Each of our cards contain at least one game or activity too.  Games and activities include an "Explore this Card" game, a maze, a coloring page and/or a word search.  Many of our cards have two of these games or activities but the trifold cards have all four!  These cards are very special.  We really pour our hearts into them.  They won't wind up on a shelf, put in a pile, or tossed in the trash.  They are sure to be played with and cherished.   They may even go to school as show and tell objects!  How cool is that!

Custom Work:

We will make minor adjustments to our cards for you upon your request.  We usually don't charge extra for it either.  An example would be changing a characters hair color or skin color.  Swapping a coloring page for for a word find fold would be another example of a minor change.  Larger requests would be handled on a case by case basis.  These may come at an extra charge that would be determined after communicating with you.

Card Purchase and Production:

We utilize a 3rd party to take payments, print, ship and handle customer service.  That 3rd party is a US company named Zazzle.  They have the highest quality cards of any print on demand company we researched.  That is why we chose them.  We are certain that you will be impressed with their quality.  They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are unhappy with the quality of the card you purchased, please contact their customer service and they will make it right.

Fun Facts: 


The first card we gifted to a neighbor's child ended up going to his school as a show and tell object.

One of our Easter cards gave Mom and Dad 45 minutes of peace and quite from their 7 year old.

We buy these for our coworkers in our day jobs.  They are between 18 and 80 years of age and they enjoy them too.

People of all ages love our cards.

Promoters, Affiliates and Real World Card Sellers:

  Please visit this page to learn how you can promote, affiliate or resell our cards.  We appreciate your interest in our cards and value the fact that you see value in our creations.

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