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Attention Affiliate Marketers - Earn 15% from our card sales and more...

We welcome professional affiliate marketers and influencers as well as brand new affiliate marketers that are interested in advertising our cards and gifts. You can earn a generous 15% referral commission from qualifying sales. As we sell our products through a third party website called Zazzle, it is at Zazzle that you sign up to promote our products.

For those who already know all about affiliate marketing, lets give you a few links so you can get started and skip over the rest of this blog post.

Here are the links:

Zazzle - Where we sell our cards, and where you sign up to promote our cards.

A Zazzle Help Article about how to sign up for the program.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or have questions as to why you might want to promote our cards, please read the rest of this post.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of creating ads, or sharing links that lead to a product that you are promoting, with the hope that the person or people that see your ad will go to the product and purchase it. When a customer purchases the product you've promoted, your earn a percentage of the sale for your promotional efforts. The customers cost does not increase because they came in through your link. The percent of the sale you earn is paid to you buy the site/company that you are affiliating for.

How does a company know the I sent the customer to their site to buy something?

The link you create and promote will contain a unique identifier that tells them that you sent the customer to their site. As we sell through Zazzle, it is good to know that Zazzle provides a link building guide for affiliates in their Associates section to help ensure you build links properly.

How much can we earn by becoming an Affiliate Marketer for your cards?

Zazzle, where we sell our cards, pays a 15% referral earnings for qualifying sales. How much you earn depends on you many customers you can send to our Zazzle store, Pacifier City Cards. The more customers you send that make purchases, the more you earn.

Why should we promote your cards, what makes them so great?

Have you seen them? Our cards are amazing. They are designed from cover to cover with fun, colorful, age appropriate graphics. We have designed them so that the purchaser can personalize them with the birthday child's name and age. These are incorporated into the cards design and printed right on the card! The purchaser can also customize the birthday wish or greeting on the inside of the card. AND our cards contain at least 1 game or activity. Games and activities include mazes, coloring pages, word searches and more. Our cards are fun! On top of all that, we have many different characters with different skin tones and hair colors in our image library. This means that we can adjust the main character in a card to resemble the birthday child, making it even more awesome. This is something we do for free.

We have given them to many children and seen the look on their faces when they open and explore them. Their parents report that the birthday card goes to the kids room and is played with for some time. A few that we gave have even been taken to school as show and tell objects. Our cards do not get put on a shelf, tossed in a pile or thrown away. They are played with, then held onto and cherished. There are over 40 themed card collections in our store today, with more to come. One of our themes is sure to fit the interests of almost any child. Plus, we are adding more all the time. And we are always willing to create a brand new card for potential customers.

What is the target audience for your cards?

Our target audience is the caregivers of Elementary Aged and Middle School Aged Children. Generally, think parents, step parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and maybe coaches and teachers.

According to there are approximately 32 million Elementary School aged children in the United States. Add a few millions more to that number for Middle School aged children and there are millions upon millions of birthdays that occur every year for children that are our end target audience.

We would love to have your help putting at least one of our cards in all of those kids hands on their birthday.

Where can we promote/advertise your cards?

Most affiliate marketers utilize a variety of methods to advertise the products they promote. Social media is a great place to start. If you have a website or blog, you can advertise our products there too. Many also use email as a way to share products.

Am I only allowed to promote online?

No, you can advertise in the "real world" too. We currently have ads in restaurants, at a flea market and in a few other real world locations. Many of our cards are themed, so if you run a martial arts studio, you may want to promote our martial arts themed birthday cards there. Same for a dance studio, a gymnastics gymnasium, etc. If you own a restaurant or eatery, you could promote them via ads on your tables or on your menu via QRCodes. Child care centers, youth centers, after school programs... the options are endless.

Do we have to make the ads for your cards, or do you provide those for us?

This is a really good question. Currently, we do not offer graphics to help you advertise our products (09/02/22). We do plan on offering a variety graphics to help you advertise our cards in the near future. We plan on offering poster size graphics, 8 x 10's as well as smaller table size (5x7) graphics that you can utilize. We will even add QRCodes to these graphics that include your unique identifier to assist you in your real world advertising efforts. For websites and blogs, we will provide a variety of banner images to help you out. Keep an eye on our blog/website for upcoming resources to help you promote our products.

If you are planning on promoting individual cards via the internet or email, Zazzle has made it easy for you to create and share links and images for individual products, collections, and our store.

Please reach out to us if you are looking to promote a certain theme and we will move that themes ads to the top of our list of ads to create.

Since we are signing up to Zazzle's Associate program, do we earn if someone buys something other than one of your cards?

Yes, for qualifying sales. In fact we have a few other stores that you could promote from as well. For more gifts to go with our cards, see It's Elementary, our store for Elementary aged children. We also have a store geared towards babies, toddlers and preschoolers called Pacifier City. But should the customer follow your link and purchase something from another store on Zazzle, you will still earn from that purchase.

You have mentioned qualifying sales twice in this article, can you explain why?

Generally speaking, every affiliate program out there has rules that govern the program. An important piece of the program is how long your unique identifier "sticks" or lasts. Every company has the right to change this so it is important that you read their agreement as it outlines the rules and regulations for their program. A link to Zazzle's Associate Agreement is listed in the beginning of this article.

Sorry we can't be more specific in answering this question.

How much does it cost to join Zazzle's Associate Program?

Zazzle's program is free to join.

How much do you charge for advertising graphics?

When we start offering graphics, they will be free as well.

We hope that we have covered the basics and answered frequently asked questions concerning affiliate marketing for our products. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we would be happy to answer them to the best of our ability. We look forward to helping you promote our products and wish you many sales.

Thanks for your interest,

JB - Card Designer

~ The Pacifier City Cards Crew ~


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