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Introducing the Pacifier City Cards "Birthday Cards Jingle"

The last week has been really exciting for us. We rediscovered fiverr and decided that we would utilize some of the sellers to help get the word out about our birthday cards.

We have always said that you can have THE BEST product out there, but if no one knows about it, then no one will buy it. And yes we want to sell lots and lots of birthday cards, but it's not all about the money... it's about that child that receives the card. And the person that gave it to them. Both feel really great once the child gets the card. And that is special.

So we set out to buy a spot on a few podcasts. We contacted a few people and discovered that we need to write a script for them to read. While we tried to write a 1 minute spot we found that we are rather wordy. In our efforts to trim more and more words from our script, we found we needed to take a break. A short drive later and we were talking about creating a jingle of all things.

We stopped at our local pizza joint and asked for a pen and paper and about a half hour later we wrote the jingle you are about to hear.

The link opens in a new

We came home and recorded a version and then sent it out to an artist named Kobe. The process was pretty smooth and Kobe provided some great music for our jingle and he did a great job singing it too. All in all it took about a week to get a finished version and we definitely waited on pins and needles. We shared the first versions to many many people to get their opinions and fine tuned it to what you heard above. We hope that you find it informative, catchy and fun! Please visit us at to find the next birthday card you will give to the birthday child in your life!


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