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Product Spotlight: Baseball Happy Birthday Cards for Children

Our baseball themed happy birthday cards are sure to be a hit with your little all star!

As your little one pulls his card out of the envelope, his eyes will widen as he see his name printed right on the cover of the card. He will notice that the baseball character on the cover looks like him. He will notice that his age appears on the sleeve of the character. He may even notice that his age is sprinkled throughout the sky behind him too. All of this is very exciting for a child!

But wait, it gets even better as he opens the card! We have included a game or activity on the inner left fold. He will see a maze, a coloring page, or a word search, depending on which card you purchased. As he looks at the inner left fold he will notice his name and age on it as well. With the maze card, his name is in the upper left hand corner with the word "Name" You are a-maze-ing. On the coloring page there is a baseball banner at the bottom that reads "Color Me "name"" And things get really great with the word search because his name will appear in the list of words for him to find! You entered the letters of his name right into the word search itself for him to find, so it is in the word search too! How cool!

Looking to the inner right fold he sees his name and age once again and either the

birthday wish we created or the personal message you entered.

On the back is another game we call "Explore this Card." This is an ispy type game that encourages him to go back through the card to find things and count them. One of the things for him to find is his age.

All the above describes our basic bi-fold cards. We also offer a tri-fold card that includes all the above. So if you really want to knock it out of the park, go for the tri-fold card. It really is the ultimate option.

The personalized bits and the games make these cards great. There is no doubt about it! But they are designed with fun, colorful, age appropriate baseball themed graphics on every fold. There is no white space, no blank folds. And each of the cards features a batter character and a pitcher character. Browse our cards to find ones that resemble the birthday child. It just makes the card even better!

If we haven't created a card with characters that resemble the birthday child, reach out to us via Zazzle's messaging system and we will place them on the card you desire. Please allow us 48 hours to get back to you and to make character swaps. We do this for free as we want this card to really stand out from all the others he receives this year. (Zazzle is the third party company that use utilize to sell, print and ship our cards)

Once presents are opened, the cake is eaten, and the party ends, the birthday boy will come back to this card to play with it and complete the games and/or activities. He will hold onto it, it won't sit in a pile or be placed on a shelf. It is like a little gift in and of itself. Give a card that will be cherished this year. You will be surprised how much it is loved!

Here are a few examples of the cards we have really talked up:

From the top to the bottom we display the maze card, the coloring page card, the word search card and the ultimate tri-fold card.

Click on the image to the right to see our entire collection of Baseball Themed Happy Birthday Cards for Children! Once you arrive at our collection page, look to the header. It shows the available characters that we can quickly swap into a card if you desire. Notice that there are two uniform colors too. If the uniform color is important to you, we can swap characters for that too.

As always, reach out to us with questions or if you need or would like a hand personalizing or customizing the card you would like to purchase.

We are always happy to help!


Card Designer

~ The Pacifier City Cards Crew ~

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