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Product Spotlight: Tennis Themed Happy Birthday Cards

Someone in the family came home the other day and asked if we had created any tennis happy birthday cards. I told them that we had not. I was told that we need to make at least one and it needed to have a black girl on the cover. "Oh," I replied, "tell me why." The answer was, "Because Serena Williams is awesome and we should have a card with her on the cover. Little black girls that play tennis would really like to get it on their birthday."

With that guidance, I set out to create... a tribute card...??, I guess, for little black girls birthdays with a tennis theme. I know that we can't use an image of Mrs. Williams, that would not be cool. And we want readers to know that Serena has not supported the creation of this card and in no way was involved in its creation. It would be really cool if she found out about it. It would be even better if she liked it. Or should I say them.

After searching our image library we found that we only had access to one graphic

of a little black girl with a tennis theme. It is a really nice graphic, so I started the card with that graphic on the cover. After about an hour I had buttoned up the cover and moved to the inside. The first card created was the coloring page card. That was followed by the maze card, and last I created the word search card. As we were stretched a bit thin with the number of tennis themed graphics, creating these cards was not quick and easy. I also wanted to make sure that the card was classy, yet geared towards what kids would like.

While I was challenged on not using Serena's image, and for not putting her name or her sister's name in the world search, it did past muster with the family... after a little explaining. lol.

As with all our cards, you get to enter the birthday child's name and age and both appear on almost every fold of these cards. You can enter a personalized message on the inner right fold. This is helpful if you want to order the card and have it sent directly to the birthday child. If you want it sent to you, you can still enter your own message, but note that there is space on that fold to hand write a message. Each of the cards has two games or activities. Every one has our "Explore this Card" game on the back fold. This game encourages the birthday child to go back through the card to find and count different things. As mentioned above, one card has a coloring page on the inside left fold, one has a maze and one has a tennis themed word search where you get to add the birthday girl's name into the word search for her to find. Very cool!

We are pleased to present the following cards:

The Maze Card

The Coloring Page Card:

The Word Search Card:

These cards incorporate the ability to add the birthday girl's name and age into the design of the card. It is also possible for you to add a custom birthday wish instead of the one we have created. And, as you can see, each card has two games or activities. They are sure to be a hit with the little girl that receives them!

Even though these cards are inspired by Serena, we couldn't only make tennis themed happy birthday cards for little black girls. You can see the above cards, and all of our other tennis happy birthday cards in this collection.

Thank you Serena for inspiring our little one to demand that we create a birthday card inspired by you. We wish you much luck and fortune in your future endeavors.

If you like our cards and are looking for a unique gift to give to your little tennis player, Zazzle artists from around the world have created tennis balls with custom artwork on them. You can find them by following this link. Plus, with Zazzle's templates, you can enter text or upload images, and they will appear on the tennis balls. There are even create your own options too.

As always, we hope that you enjoy our cards. They were a joy to create and we know that they will put a smile on the face of the child that receives them. We always enjoy hearing from you. Please let us know how the card was received. Tell us it's story.

Cheers and enjoy the day!


Card Creator

~ The Pacifier City Crew ~



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