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Product Spotlight: Soccer Themed Birthday Cards for Children

Being a former soccer player for most of my childhood, it was a real kick making these cards. As a child I loved getting soccer gifts, be it a new ball, a jersey, or stickers, they all made me happy. I don't ever recall getting a birthday card with a soccer theme though. So I set out to create some really fun birthday cards for children that play soccer.

I set a few goals, pun intended, for myself when designing these cards. First, every fold of the card needs to be fully designed. Second, the cards need to be able to be personalized. For these cards I want the buyer to be able to add the birthday child's name, age and uniform number to the card design. And I'd like them to be able to add a personal message if desired. Third, the cards need to have fun games or activities for the birthday child to do after opening gifts. I have created cards with a coloring page, a word search and a maze.

The first card that I created was a soccer themed word search card. It was initially

created for a friend whose son plays soccer. The design is set up so that you can enter the birthday child's name into the design. It will appear on the cover, in the list of words to find in the word search and in the birthday greeting box on the inside right fold. You enter the individual letters of the birthday boys name to have it appear in the word search box for him to find. You enter the child's age and it appears throughout the card on every fold. You also get to enter his uniform number and it will appear on the uniform of the soccer player character. Most kids will be impressed with those three things, but the card also has two games. The first is the word search and the second is an "Explore this Card" game on the back. Once gifts have been opened the birthday boy will come back to this card to play the games.

My friends son liked this card so much that he took it school for show and tell. That made me feel pretty great! Over time I created 6 more soccer themed cards.

Now I have boy cards and girl cards. I have a bunch of new graphics and have changed the layout a little. There is a coloring page card, a maze card and a word search card for each gender. I think these cards are adorable. I hope you like them too!

In the works are two tri-fold cards that will include all the games available in one card. There will be a boys card and a girls card. Look for these in the not to distant future.

And here they are!

Visit our Soccer Themed Birthday Card Collection at our Zazzle Store to see all the soccer cards. We will swap characters for free. So if you would like a maze card and the character displayed doesn't have the skin tone or hair color of the birthday child, reach out to us via Zazzles' messaging system, it's not instant help, and I can make the swap for you. Please allow 48 hours for me to respond to your request.

See this banner to see the characters that we can swap into cards. Most come with multiple uniform colors even though only one is displayed.

As you may be the parent planning a really great birthday party for your little soccer player we've created a Soccer Themed Birthday Party Supplies Pinterest Board that contains tableware, banners, gift bags, wrapping paper, stickers and more. We've also added links to a Soccer Invitations and Stationary board, a Soccer Gift Board and one to our Soccer Birthday Cards.

I hope that you got a kick out of checking out our soccer themed happy birthday cards. We are sure that the birthday child that receives one of the cards will love it! It is sure to be played with and won't just sit on the shelf or quickly get tossed in the trash. Who knows, maybe your child will take it to show and tell too!


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